Jounieh 7s Tournament

Jounieh Sevens Rugby Tournament The inaugural Jounieh 7s International Tournament was held on Saturday 6th of August with 8 teams competing. The Graywolves team (1) ended up emerging victorious after a win over the Tripoli Titans.The tournament contained various surprises as more experienced teams fell victim to complacency against more youthful players. The biggest upset… Continue reading »

Beirut Select defeat XV FCR in Return Match

On Saturday 7th March, 2014, the Lebanese Rugby Union Federation’s representative team, the Beirut Select XV, played its second and final match against the French UNIFL’s team, XV FCR at the Lebanese University, Hadath. In a rugged hard fought match the Beirut side eventually running out victors 15 – 13.  Coming off a loss to… Continue reading »

The Phoenix

The Lebanese Rugby Union Federation would like to announce a new name and logo for the Lebanese National Rugby Union Team, which will now be known as the 'Phoenix'.  The 'Phoenix' was a mythical bird, which lived in the Arabian Peninsula. Legend has it that the 'Phoenix' died on a funeral pyre and rose again… Continue reading »

‘Total’ Lebanese Club Rugby Championship Final Match Report

Final of the Total Lebanese Club Rugby Championship 24th November 2013 Beirut ‘Total’ Phoenicians v Gray Wolves RFC The Total Lebanese Club Rugby Championship was played on Sunday, 24th November at 1pm between the Beirut ‘Total’ Phoenicians and the Gray Wolves at the Lebanese University, Hadath before the tournaments major sponsors, representatives of the Total… Continue reading »

Round 6 of the Total Lebanese Club Championship Results

Round 6 of the Total Lebanese Club Championship The 6th and final round of the Total Lebanese Club Championship was played on Sunday 17th of November at the Lebanese University Campus at the Hadath. The first match of the day saw the competition favourites, the Beirut Phoenicians advance to the Club Championship Final with a… Continue reading »

بطولة الـ«ركبي يونيون»: «بيروت» يفوز على «الذئاب» – Assafir Newspaper (12/11/2013)

بطولة الـ«ركبي يونيون»: «بيروت» يفوز على «الذئاب»                         جدد «بيروت توتال» المتصدر فوزه على «الذئاب الرمادية» حامل اللقب (48 ـ 7)، الشوط الأول (27 ـ صفر)، في إطار الأسبوع الخامس من الدوري اللبناني بالـ«ركبي يونيون»، على ملعب الجامعة اللبنانية في الحدت، في حين تأجلت… Continue reading »