September 7th (Thursday) 2017 - Evening Level 1 XV's:

The level 1 XV takes 8 hours so it is spread over two nights - 4 hours each from 5.30pm - 9.30pm 

September 8th (Friday) 2017 - Evening Level 1 XV's:

4 hours from 5.30pm - 9.30pm

September 9th (Saturday) 2017 - All day Level 1 7's

The level 1 7's is 8 hours during the day - 9am - 5pm

September 10th (Sunday) 2017 - All day Level 1 Officiating

The level 1 Officiating is 8 hours in during the day 9am - 5pm

*Please note: Anyone wishing to coach in Lebanon needs to complete at minimum the Level 1 XV course. The Level 1 XV has to be taken first before taking the Level 1 7's course as it contains all the requirements for delivery of coaching.*

The cost of each course is $25 so if you do all 3 it is $75

Closing date for attendees is Fri Aug 18th

Contact us to sign up:

Join us at these unbelievably low rates while learning the fundamentals of rugby.
Every course, every practice, helps put Lebanon on the rugby world map.