Lebanese Student Cup

The Lebanese Rugby Union Federation will be hosting the ‘Student’s Cup’ on Thursday May 1st, 2014.

Tournament Eligibility

The tournament will be a 7’s tournament and will be open to all students who hold current and valid student identification. Individuals who do not hold a valid student card will not be eligible to participate.

Students may form teams to officially represent their school or university or create a team of their friends to play in the tournament.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will be divided into two divisions, an Under 18’s and an Under 28’s division and will be played in a round robin format. Teams in each division will be divided into two pools and will play each other team once with the top two teams from each pool advancing to the final four.

The final four teams will play in a knock out round and the winners of these matches will advance to play off for first and second place. The losers will play off for third and fourth place respectively.

The respective winners of each division will be awarded the tournaments Student’s Cup.

Cost, Rules and Regulations

Players and teams wishing to participate in the tournament will be required to register by completing the registration form and registration payment of LL5,000 per under 18’s player and LL10,000 per under 28’s player. Teams should sign the completed registration form as well as photocopies of each players student ID to info@lruf.org.

Teams are required to register a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12. Teams may not replace registered players with unregistered players without prior consultation with the LRUF. Teams who are found to have breached this stipulation will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.

The Student’s Cup is a 7’s tournament and will be played under the guidelines of the International Rugby Union’s 7’s Rules and Regulations. A copy of which may be found on the LRUF website at www.lruf.org.

The LRUF’s Player’s Code of Conduct and the LRUF’s Disciplinary Policy apply to this tournament. Please visit the LRUF website for a copy of both.

If your team requires a playing kit including socks, shorts and jersey the LRUF can order a set on your behalf and at your cost. Contact info@lruf.org for more information. 

Lebanese University / Students Cup

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