Build-up to West Asian Championship

The build is well under way for this month’s West Asian Rugby Championship. The International Tournament will see the National teams of Jordan, Iran and Lebanon compete over a week of Rugby in Jounieh’s Fouad Chehab stadium, with only one able to finish as West Asian Champion.

Lebanon’s record against Jordan is strong, overcoming them back in 2010, as well as defeating them in recent 7s tournaments. However, this new Jordanian team, with plenty of fresh faces, will be a good test for Lebanon’s National team, the “Phoenix”. They go head-to-head in the first game of the tournament which will be held in Jounieh’s Fouad Chehab stadium. The Jordan v Lebanon game kicks off at 19:30 on the 14th of April, admittance is free, all welcome to come down and watch.

Iran may well prove the harder test, as the “Phoenix” lost out in their last encounter against Iran in the West Asian 7s in Al Ain, Dubai. However, the two sides have yet to meet in the full 15s game. It will surely be a massive test for both sides and is being tipped by some as the deciding game in this tournament. The two sides meet in Fouad Chehab on Saturday the 18th of April, in the tournament’s final game, kick off 17:00. An historic game being held in Lebanon, make sure not to miss it!


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