Join us in Fouad Chehab for the West Asian Championship

The West Asian Championship will be held for the first time in Lebanon this April at Jounieh's Fouad Chehab Stadium. 

The "Lebanese Rugby Union Federation" will be hosting the National Rugby teams of Jordan and Iran in a historic event for Lebanese Rugby and for Lebanese sport. 

The tournament will see the following matches played;

•              Lebanon v Jordan on the 14th of April, kicks off at 19:30pm

•              Jordan v Iran on the 16th of April, kicks off at 17:30pm

•              Lebanon v Iran on the 18th of April, kicks off at 17:30pm

Promotion for the event is already well underway, with numerous TV appearances already broadcast and more to come. Chairman Alex Jammal and Media Organizer Karim Mamlouk first came on Future TV this Sunday on "3alam Al Sabah" ( for the entertaining interview.

Pack Leader Ray Finan was a guest on MTV’s show “Score” which aired on MTV on April 6 – More TV spots are planned in the run up to the Championship on LBC, including reports on their National news.

The biggest promotion of all is the fact that Lebanon's final game against Iran on April 18 will be televised on Future TV! This is sure to give the sport a huge boost in popularity throughout the country.

In addition, the event is being promoted online and on the radio (already on Sawt Lebnan) and amongst the Lebanese Rugby Community in Lebanon and abroad. Flyers will also be distributed around Beirut and Jounieh to promote the games.

For those that are interested, there is a Rugby Banquet on the 16th of April, held in the Reston Hotel in Jounieh at 8:30 pm, open to all, tickets on sale now (contact Aidan on 71475669 or

Check out all details and promotion on our Facebook at

Come and support the Phoenix next week!