Jounieh 7s Tournament

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Jounieh Sevens Rugby Tournament
The inaugural Jounieh 7s International Tournament was held on Saturday 6th of August with 8 teams competing.

The Graywolves team (1) ended up emerging victorious after a win over the Tripoli Titans.The tournament contained various surprises as more experienced teams fell victim to complacency against more youthful players. The biggest upset was when Beirut Total was knocked out by the Tripoli Titans in the semi final.

Beirut, expected to proceed to the final to take on the other favorite for the tournaments and club championship rivals, Gray wolves, but were caught and surprised by a spirited and gutsy Tripoli team, whose performance from inexperienced players left the fans cheering the underdogs.

The other surprise of the day was Jounieh Spartans performance against the Barbarians, who managed to overcome the experienced Barbarians with a great team performance and high levels of fitness which demonstrated how far youth teams have progressed in Lebanon. They were, however, eventually beaten in the plate final in a close contest with Jamhour Black lions.

The winners, the more experienced team of the two Gray wolves teams participating, were the deserved champions. Captained by veteran outhalf Wael Harb they came up against the Tripoli Titans for the second time in the tournament in the final, after beating them in the group stages. With a strong and aggressive brand of rugby they eventually overcame the team from Tripoli.

Overall the event was a major success and ran smoothly as a result of great organization from the Jounieh club. The Fouad Chehab pitch was in great condition after a hot summer and contributed to a high standard of rugby from all teams involved. The tournament’s players were mostly Lebanese however; Syrian, Belgian, French and even Irish players were in attendance.

This tournament was the kick start to the LRUF Total Club championships which start on Sunday 14th of September.

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