LRUF Welcomes Gemmayze Green Gaurs to Lebanese Rugby

The LRUF is pleased to welcome the newest team to Lebanese Rugby. The “Gemmayze Green Gaurs” currently train in Sin el Fil, under the direction of Domestic Director of Rugby Aidan Connolly. The team evolved from playing "Rugby Scouts" in their scout troupe to recently taking on the full, physical version of the game. They have been training solidly for over a month now and the progress is clear to see.

"From the first session we had at the start of January where we started teaching the very basics of passing, positioning, tackling etc, to where we are now, their progress has been massive" says Coach Connolly. The team is set to take part in the upcoming students’ cup on the 1st of March. Numbers to training have grown since their first session as word has spread. They will now put two teams forward to compete in the tournament. They are also aiming at having a strong showing at the International Beirut 10's tournament which will be held on the 28th of March.

Elion Chamy, the current captain of the team, encourages the positive values of rugby such as respect, solidarity, discipline, integrity and passion, while at the same time espousing these values to the full in his behaviour on and off the field.

While most, if not all, players on the team are new to the game of Rugby, they have taken to it with Gusto. They are already following international games, such as the current Six Nations, and they share videos amongst themselves all the time to familiarise themselves ever more closely with the game. They train on fitness twice a week which should put them in good contention for the upcoming 7s and 10s fixtures. Outhalves Maroun Fahed and Karim Chamseddine have mastered the finer skills of the game, and any spectator would say they had been playing for years. The rest of the team has learnt how to tackle effectively, secure ruck ball, pass and support.

Chairman Alex Jammal welcomes them to the Lebanese Rugby Family and looks forward to them completing the legal formalities to become a fully functioning club that can take part in the 2015 LRUF Total Club Championship.

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